Dirt Bike / ATV Maintenance & Pre-Ride Inspection

IMG_1339Maintaining your ATV, UTV, or Dirt Bike regularly will ensure many years of reliability and dependability in your machine. I know it’s so easy to just unload your bike and throw it in the garage until it’s time to ride again. I have learned from other peoples experiences that maintaining your bike or ATV regularly will pay off in the long run. For me, it gives a good sense of accomplishment to have my bike clean, with fresh oil, clean filter, greased up, and ready to take on the next ride. Here’s a list few things I recommend doing and some videos on maintaining that hard earned toy you love so much.

  • Cleaning: Wash machine with warm soapy water and wash mitt. Be careful with a pressure washer not to spray in seals, clutches, and engines.
  • Oil and Coolant levels: Top off or change if needed. (refer to owners manual for service specs)
  • Brakes: Inspect brake pads and rotors for wear and damage. Also check brake fluid.
  • Tires & Wheels: How’s the tread life on your tires. If they are too low, that can cause loose traction and you don’t want that especially when climbing a hill. Check your wheels for cracks or bends. And most importantly, check your lug nuts and torque to spec.
  • Tire Pressure: Improper tire pressure can result in poor handles, and loss of control. Make sure your tire pressure is set for the specific riding conditions. For dirt bikes we recommend between 13 and 15 PSI. For ATV and UTV we recommend 6 – 10 PSI.
  • Levers: Check hand levers and foot levers. Inspect for damage and tighten if loose.
  • Bolts & Nuts: Check your blots and nuts throughout the machine. Over time they can loosen and even come out. This could result in serious injury and accidents. Loctite is a great thing to use on bolts and nuts to ensure that they stay tight.
  • Go Ride: Get suited up and get out and ride. Remember to ride safe and have fun.